During the entire shipment handling from your order till final goods delivery you will be served by one contact person.

Our experienced team takes good care for each and every shipment - if 20 tons or 2 kgs. As soon as all the shipment data is received we book the next possible flight to guarantee the delivery as scheduled.

Collection and Transport of the goods to the Airport of departure takes place immediately after the customers gives the "finished to dispatch". There we do all necessary Things as Export clearance, Screening, Transport documents,.....step by step till the shipment reached the booked flight of departure.

Due to our selected local partners abroad the speedy import customs clearance and distribution at the destination world wide is guaranteed.

As soon as our partners in the country of export dispatch the goods we instantly know when the goods will arrive. From this point on the shipment is in our hand and we follow the procedures necessary to deliver the goods as per our customers instructions.

The correct operational handling is followed up on at Vienna Airport - through our data link with the airports administration - quickly and efficiently. When we take the goods over a check is made to ensure that the goods are all accounted for and undamaged in case of possible insurance claims. The goods are delivered with our own vehicles or selected partners by top qualified personnel.

  • first priority on first class carriers
  • quick transfer at possible transitstations
  • speeded up release at the airport of destination
  • ideal price-performance ratio
  • transport by proven airlines
  • direct flight, if available
  • adequate for less urgent goods
  • choice of each current profitable route
  • cheapest variation on all well-known airlines